What Is The Best Choice In Blinds For My Rental Property?

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Blinds for Rental Properties

With the need to maximise rental returns, property investors are always keen to learn about new ideas to further benefit their property. Which is why window treatments offer you an excellent opportunity to beautify and update your investment property while adding improved value, either to rent or sell.

As a investor there’s no doubting the importance of choosing the right window treatment for your property. Considering how many windows a unit or house can have and the cost of window treatments, clearly it’s prudent to make the right selection from the start!

But with so many options it can seem quite confusing and costly when it comes to deciding the right blinds for your windows.

We all know there’s nothing more annoying than an unhappy tenant complaining about the blinds in their rental property. On the other hand, we understand that spending money unnecessarily on your rental property isn’t profitable. After all, as an investor you don’t want to overspend on the furnishings.

Which is why it’s tempting, when it comes to rental properties, to spend as little as possible. However, when deciding upon window treatments, this can be a big mistake. Installing poor-quality blinds can be bad economics because they simply won’t last.

In the long run, it pays to buy quality window treatments for your rental property. What you need are blinds that are durable, attractive and easy to maintain.

So, what are the best types of blinds to use? We’ve put together this list of suggestions to make your decision easier.

Roller Blinds
Always stylish, always beautiful and always practical. Roller blinds are popular because they work. They’re easy to clean, available in a huge range of colours and fabrics to suit any palette and they’re excellent value for money.

Venetian Blinds
Another versatile and affordable blind which suits most home and decor styles. Venetian blinds are a good all-rounder, maximum practicality with minimum fuss. They’re a great option for bedrooms and living areas because the blades can be rotated for maximum privacy without blocking out all the natural light.

Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are a chic and very stylish option for bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. We can custom make them in a wide choice of fabrics and colours to suit the style of your property. They can be lined for additional block-out effect, making Roman blinds an attractive option in situations where you need both privacy and limited light, such as in bedrooms.

Quality Fabric
To maximise rental returns, it’s in your best investment interest to choose blinds and hardware that are good-quality. This will mean fewer issues for you and your managing agent with happier tenants.

We recommend custom-made blinds because your fabric selection is unlimited and they can be made to correctly fit each window for maximum light control and lasting, good looks.

At Nebula Living, custom-made is our specialty! Our Crows Nest showroom has a vast selection of fabrics in beautiful textures, colours and patterns to choose from while still keeping within your budget.

Think Colourful
Often, rental accommodation is painted in white or neutral colours to keep the decor simple for prospective tenants. Attractive blinds are one easy way you can introduce colour and style into the interior spaces of your rental home without restricting your tenant’s choice of furniture.

Safety First
Whatever type of blinds you choose to install in your rental property it’s essential that you put safety first. Be sure to install any safety devices such as wall mounted clips for pull cords that may be supplied by the manufacturer and leave warning tags attached for your tenants to read. Remember, your tenant may have young children and it’s your duty to ensure that your window treatments are safe and secure.

The team at Nebula Living Curtains and Soft Furnishings can help you every step of the way when choosing window treatments for your rental property. We know that value for money is important to you.

We’d love to help you choose blinds that are practical, beautiful and budget friendly.

Call us today on 9439 0868 to chat with us.

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